School Year Camp Days

No School, No Problem

Amazing Sports & Activity Program offers working families childcare solutions when schools are closed. Our School Year Camp Days are filled with PE activities in the gym, ping pong, foosball, and pool in our new game room, arts & crafts,  and even an adventure to George Park for the nature trail.

Holidays & In-Service Days

2022-23 CAMP DAYS

WEDNESDAY           OCTOBER 5 TH                                              TEACHER IN SERVICE
MONDAY                  OCTOBER 10 TH                                            TEACHER IN SERVICE
TUESDAY                 NOVEMBER 8 TH                                           TEACHER IN SERVICE
TUESDAY                  NOVEMBER 22 ND                                       TEACHER CONFERENCES
WEDNESDAY            NOVEMBER 23 RD                                       TEACHER IN SERVICE
MONDAY                   NOVEMBER 28 TH                                        FALL BREAK
FRIDAY                      DECEMBER 23 RD                                        WINTER BREAK
TUESDAY                  DECEMBER 27 TH                                        WINTER BREAK
WEDNESDAY            DECEMBER 28 TH                                        WINTER BREAK
FRIDAY                      FEBRUARY 17 TH                                         FEBRUARY HOLIDAY
THURSDAY               MARCH 9 TH                                                  TEACHER CONFERENCES
FRIDAY                     MARCH 10 TH                                                TEACHER IN SERVICE
THURSDAY               APRIL 6 TH                                                    SPRING BREAK
MONDAY                   APRIL 10 TH                                                  SPRING BREAK
TUESDAY                  MAY 16 TH                                                     TEACHER IN SERVICE


Contact Info

6003 Jonestown Rd.
Harrisburg, Pa. 17112

Amazing Sports & Activity SUMMER CAMP is not a state licensed daycare. Our summer camp is an opportunity for school-aged children to engage in sports and physical activities over the summer months.